Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions are created to minimise the possibility of any misunderstandings for the participants of the PRE EUCO 2018 Amsterdam. If you have any queries regarding these terms & conditions, please contact us as Organizing Committee before registering and paying for the package.

  1. General
    • The Organizing Committee is working on behalf of Stichting Internationale Rotaract Activiteiten Nederland,Dutch Trade Register number 34370389.
    • We reserve the right to make changes to the published program without prior notice to participants. Such changes do not entitle you to any claim against the Organizing Committee or to cancel your registration.
    • Participants have to be at least 18 years old by the start of any booked event.
    • The Organizing Committee will do its best to respect any (reasonable) special requirements indicated in the registration forms, but cannot guarantee that all special arrangements will be available.
  2. Privacy
    • Upon your successful registration you agree:
      • That we may publish your name, country, district and club on our website on the list of participants / in the program booklet.
      • That we may publish photos of you taken during the event and the pre- and post-trips via any channel, online and offline such as, but not limited to:
      • Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
      • Our website (https://www.preeuco2018.com)
      • The E.R.I.C. website
    • Personal information provided by you during registration will be held in our database, with the exception of any payment details. No information regarding your card details will be recorded Personal information (e-mail, telephone, emergency contact details) will be used to keep you up-to-date with developments of our activities. By making any purchase, you agree to be e-mailed by the PREEUCO2018 team to keep you up to date with the event.
  3. Account Creation
    • In order to register for the PRE EUCO 2018 you have to confirm that you are at least 18 years old by entering your birthday, and therefore have a mature age as defined by The Netherlands and your country’s laws.
    • During the registration for PREEUCO2018, you must fill out all the fields of the form correctly. The Organizing Committee is not liable for any damage caused by mistakes in the registration form.
    • We will do our best to place you with your requested roommate, but we cannot guarantee this. Due to operational reasons we might have to ignore your request.
    • You may only purchase one package per registration.
    • To be able to participate at the event, you must be registered. You can adjust your personal information by sending an email to us. If you want to transfer your package to somebody, you do need to inform us so we know who will use the package you purchased and update the information. In case you do not follow this procedure, the package cannot be used for the event.
  4. Financial – Registrations
    • Registration to PREEUCO2018 is open to all members of the Rotarian family and interested guests who are member of a Rotaract Club. Partners of aforementioned participants are allowed to register as well.
    • Access to the event depends on first-come-first-served registration base. It is possible that packages are already unavailable before the deadline of each purchase phase.
    • The capacity of the sightseeing/fun options is limited. The Organizing Committee cannot guarantee availability of a desired option.
    • Registration will be opened as follows:
      1. 2017-11-30 19:30 UTC – 2017-12-18 18:00
    • We accept SEPA direct, Visa, MasterCard and credit cards for the online payment. We do not accept manual bank transfer. If you encounter any problems with the payment procedure, please contact us via the contact us page and send us the screenshot during the registration.
    • All fees associated with the payment are your responsibility.
    • If we have not received a payment in full, you will not be registered for PREEUCO2018. Only after full reception of the payment, we will confirm your registration, together with your proof of payment, automatically and you will be registered for the PREEUC
    • After a successful registration each Participant will be automatically assigned an id-number.
    • Participants will receive an E-Ticket, which should be taken (printed or digital) to the PREEUCO2018. The personal information as stated on the registration should correspond with the personal identification of the attendee.
    • When registering at a NOVOTEL, a city tax will be charged. Furthermore, you will need to identify yourself with a valid personal identification document.
    • NOVOTEL will take a deposit on your credit card, as guarantee for any additional costs made by yourself.
    • A city tax fee applies to all participants with accommodation packages.
    • The packages’ prices do not include an administration fee. This fee is added to the total cost of your order and is charged when you make the payment, irrespective of the means of payment.
    • All packages and costs are in EUR and payment will be made in EUR via our online payment processor.
    • If your card is not in EUR, your bank will automatically convert your currency to EUR at your bank’s exchange rate for the day that payment is made.
    • During all the events, only cash payment will be accepted, in EUR.
    • You are responsible for all costs that are not included in the purchased PREEUCO2018 package and that might occur during your stay at the hotel, such as paid TV, room mini-bar, room service, food and drinks at hotel restaurants and bars charged on the room.
  5. Returns
    • You cannot cancel your order after your registration, however you can change the package owner.In order to transfer the package to a participant, all the personal information of the substituting participant must be sent to the Organizing Committee 60 days prior to the date of EUCO. After the 1st of Mart 2018, any changes in the package owner cannot be processed. Please note that an administration fee of € 00 will be charged to any change of package owner.
  6. Check-in
    • Every participant must check-in at the PREEUCO2018 desk upon the arrival. Only checked-in participants have the right to participate in the event.
    • There will be an info and registration point at the hotel. All the information regarding on-site registration and check-in will be e-mailed to you prior to arrival. Please note that if you choose the package without accommodation you still have to check-in with us, prior to the activity you will attend.
  7. Liabilities
    • We expect all participants to behave properly during the This includes your behaviour at parties, activities, but also during your stay at hotel/hostel.
    • PREEUCO2018 is not responsible in any way for any damage or injury to persons or property during the event. We recommend that you to arrange yourown personal travel and health insurance for the PREEUCO2018.
    • The relationship between the Organisation Committee and the participant is exclusively governed by Dutch law.
    • Organisation Committee is not liable for loss and/or damage to any of your personal property. Organisation Committee is not liable for any indirect or consequential loss suffered by you, or any loss of profits or loss of business (direct or indirect) suffered by you.
    • Organisation Committee is not liable for any default or delay in the performance of its obligations, to the extent that such default or delay is caused, directly or indirectly, by an event beyond the reasonable control.
    • By completing the registration process and making payment you agree to be bound by these termsand conditions.
    • In case you have bought a package including accommodation, you will be assigned a hotel room at your arrival. By booking a package you accept that you will are completely liable for any damage in your room throughout the duration of your stay.
    • If you exchange rooms internally with other participants without notifying the hotel administration, you remain liable for any damages suffered to your original room.
    • In case of any damage, you are personally liable for any possible charges with the hotel administration directly.
  8. Rights in materials
    • All copyright and other rights in materials provided to you during or for the purposes of PREEUCO2018 are the property of PREEUCO2018 committee.
    • You are entitled to use such materials only for your own personal study. You are not entitled to copy such materials nor are you entitled to use or authorize others to use them for any commercial purposes.